How Much RAM does Your PC Gaming Rig Need?

First of all, you have in all probability detected that you simply will newer have an excessive amount of RAM. this is often solely typically true. If you are building a computer on a budget, then buy gaming ram at low price for an excessive amount of may trim from the number you have got to pay for enhancements or on a lot of recreation crucial elements, like your hardware and graphics card.

The honest answer to the current question is that it depends fully upon the categories of games you play and therefore the settings you play them on. I mention settings here as a result of if your graphics card forces you to lower settings on a graphically-intense game, then that may lower the number of RAM you’ll have, as well. It’s all concerning not making a bottleneck for your hardware and processor wherever you may lose FPS as a result of you do not have enough RAM.

In different Words:

8GB is wherever you wish to be at. whether or not you are building a budget computer or a rich one, you will need to urge that abundant. For systems with AMD APUS, twin channel configurations square measure a requirement additionally.


With a budget of 1500 and below, you will probably solely be ready to afford 4GB. At 2200, I like to recommend 8GB, and not till you have got plenty of cash to spend do I like to recommend 16GB. Even at that value, the performance differential ought to be lowest price, if you want to buy gaming ram online at low price at

Getting 16GB at that indicant is totally on the idea that you are building a rig for one thing on the far side simply recreation. At that level, I am assumptive you will be running plenty of programs at a constant time or doing image or video piece of writing.

If you are not, then quite possible 8GB of RAM are that sweet spot wherever you will not produce a bottleneck. for added info on what quantity RAM you wish, I extremely advocate the video below for a few solid benchmarks. It shows the performance distinction between 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB of SDRAM.

What concerning RAM Speed and CAS Latency for computer Gaming?

A lot of high-end users worry about getting faster RAM or RAM with low CAS Latency. Several tests done over the last couple of years show that the difference this makes when it comes to PC gaming is pretty negligible past speeds of 1600 and after Sandy Bridge processors.


Also, spending time over clocking your RAM probably won’t get you the desired improved FPS numbers and you are looking to buy gaming ram online at low price in india.

Overall, you can get a little bit of a benefit going from DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600. Beyond that, there’s very little difference between going from DDR3-1600 to say DDR3-2133. Sometimes you can even find those for the same price. All things being equal, go with the faster RAM. Otherwise, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Where it does help:

If you’re going to do a lot of compression on your PC or use it as a photo or video editing rig, then there are marginal gains to be made by going with faster RAM.

What about DDR4 Performance for Gaming?

Believe it or not, DDR4 has relatively little impact on gaming performance. This will stay true until timings can get tightened up. If you’re thinking about upgrading now, be sure it’s worth your investment.

DDR4 is out there and principally needed for 1151 systems additionally as X99-based systems. As costs have gone down, you must go along with the newer choice if you have got each choice obtainable.

So, you wish to buy gaming ram online at low price and wish to understand what quantity memory you wish and what the most effective recreation RAM would be for the games you play.


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